The Nutmeg Project was created because I love to host and entertain. The smile on people’s faces when food flavors go dancing in their mouths [in a good way] makes me happy. However, what exactly makes a good flavor? I have had fine dining and I have had fast food. I know good food and I know crappy food. I have eaten in homes that are American, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Persian, Ethiopian, Indian and my own – Jamaican. I have traveled to Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa and each time I sought out “good food.” However, good food to me doesn’t mean good food to everyone.

No matter your palate, food should be natural, wholesome and have ingredients regular people can pronounce. It does not have to be immersed in grease, breading, sugar or salt to be good. Spices are tricky, they can be salty without salt and sweet without sugar. Finding the right mix is important and I have found what works for me. Others have tried it and loved it and so I am ready to share.

There is a reason why I call this a food project. We plan to learn, grow and expand beyond where we are. Always. Staying the same is not sustainable. Forward thinking is paramount. What’s ahead is our food story. Our food story is focused on you. Helping you eat good food. Whether you are at home, work or play, we want to be there with dancing flavors. Helping you find flavors that work for you is important in our Cooking Lessons and Food Prep. We help you find what works for you, while showing you other options.

Our Promise. Fresh food made with care. Our goal. Feed you, teach you, take care of you.

Food is one of the simpler pleasures of life.

Let’s have fun and create something together.

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