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Our Jamaican Food Story…

Besides Ackee and Saltfish [Jamaica’s national dish] and Curry, nothing says Jamaican out loud more than Red Snapper. My family makes a mean grilled and Escovitched Snapper [w/bone in]. I secretly hate bones. The jig is up! I love fillets. We make a spin on Jamaican Escovitched Snapper with Fillets and pair it with Red Onions, Trio Pepper and Basil. It is pan seared w/ Olive Oil instead of frying. Simply delicious and healthier!

Fish and Seafood

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Seafood. When I lived in Jamaica, we used to drive by the seaside and stop and pick up fresh fish, or eat it fresh made from a fisherman on the side of the road. The Caribbean sea has afforded us seafood and fish galore. Land crab during crab season sometimes become road kill. Curry Crab Tamali, Spicy Crawfish, Curry Shrimp, Grilled or Escovitched Fish. Seafood is a Jamaican delight. Fresh and taste like heaven. Since coming to America, I enjoy Salmon and Scallops. We make Shrimp and Veggies, Scallops and Asparagus and Grilled / Baked Salmon.


Pork is another Jamaican favorite. Jerk Pork out of Boston, Portland, Jamaica is still most famous and dubbed best. Jerk pork is often paired with Festival – a cornmeal dough rolled, fried and smoked on the grill while the pork is being cooked. It is delicious and sweet and savory all one. We use Jerk inspired seasoning both on the grill and in the oven. Obviously “jerking” comes from the grill; however, winters in the Northeast U.S. doesn’t always allow for the grill. [Also eaten with rice and veggies].


Chicken is a go to in Jamaica. Brown Stew is one of my favorite dishes [pictured]. However, Jamaican Curry Chicken is my favorite dish to make and eat. What makes this Curry, Jamaican? Our spice blend inside the curry is unique / different than other countries. Jamaican dishes are inspired by Spanish, British, Irish, Indian, Chinese and many other cuisines. It is paired with “food” (boiled dumplings, yam and green bananas), roti, white rice or rice & peas. My rice preference is Basmati / Jasmine.

Vegan Options and Pasta

While I am gluten conscious and now 90% vegetarian; I still want amazing flavors / options. Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be boring. Above is some Toodles / Turnip Noodles [Gluten free] Spaghetti and Slow-cooked White Beans w/ Coconut Milk served with a Side Salad. The Pasta featured is a Shrimp Spaghetti [with Gluten].


Breakfast is a favorite for even lunch or dinner. As the most important meal of the day, whether hot or cold, it shouldn’t be a question of taste. Pictured are two favorites: Breakfast Tacos and Spinach Scramble w/ Bacon and Sprouted Sourdough Toast.

“Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.”

– Gordon Ramsay –

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