We offer Cooking and Spice Lessons to help anyone achieve the basics of cooking. Whether you want to learn how to make Jamaican dishes or infused dishes or even just how to make healthier options. Our focus is health conscious goodness. I recently developed a Gluten allergy and had to pay attention to what I eat and have even lowered my red meat intake. I am now 90% vegetarian. I do still eat meat; however, it is no longer an every day / week option for me.

Cooking Lessons

Let’s face it, cooking is not as hard as we think. It does get technical. Especially when you watch famous chefs create art on a plate. I dined at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London for my birthday back in January 2019 and the food was absolutely amazing. Dishes were artful. Seven courses later I was full and wondering with one ravioli on one of the courses, how. It was satisfying, flavorful and wholesome. My palate is complicated. I had to learn how to cook food that satisfies it. Everyday options needed to work for me when I wasn’t whisking off to London. Whether you’re cooking for self, a partner or a family, there are options that can be made easy with the right lessons. We don’t get technical, no need to learn the science. Let us help!

Spice Lessons

Spices can get complicated. I go with what my taste buds love. As a rule, I add basil to everything. Well, maybe not everything lol. Baked salmon in the oven for 15-20 minutes calls for basil, sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Cayenne is a good way to create a kick, regardless, it is delicious, simple, fast, healthy and wholesome. I spice up coffee or hot chocolate with nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon. I have mine with Oat Milk and it is delicious. But cooking something as complicated as Curry Chicken can be made simple with natural ingredients. We use whole ingredients to make our own Jamaican Curry to reduce the salt intake. I add cumin to my cabbage and cardamom to my ribs. Results? Delicious!

Delicious. Fast. Healthy.

We are busier now more than ever. Too much to do. Living, working, happy hours, texting or binge watching something. This is why the fast food industry is a billion dollar one. With tight budgets and no time, let us show you how to make delicious, fast and healthy in a smart budgeted way. Our cooking lessons will teach you how to fast cook and our spice lessons will help you explore other cultures and foods and simplify your life. I make coconut curry shrimp with basmati rice. That’s just one example of our fusion. We also bottle spices from your lessons and include samples. Come let us teach you how to enjoy food your way. You will make delicious, healthier and simple dishes and also walk away with valuable time-saving lessons.

Lessons are fun, delicious and filling. Whether with friends, partner or a family member, our packages can fit your needs. Below are a list of lessons and other services.

GROUP LESSONS. Join the fun and let’s party while learning how to cook. Better than Paint Night! Six (6) people maximum. Includes sample Spice Packets and 25% off Food Prep service.

PRIVATE LESSONS. Not up for the group? Cozy up with a partner or friend. One-on-one service. Dinner for two. (FREE plus one). Includes Spice Jar and 50% off Food Prep service. Cozy. Intimate. Romantic. Fun.

ONLINE Classes, Video Instructions and Spice purchase coming soon!

SPICES AND SPICE LESSONS. Not sure what spice to use on what food? We can help. Buy our pre-mix spice jars [Mini and Regular Sized] or take Spice Lessons with us.

“Stopping the junk food and eating well is partially about cooking well and having the skills to do that.”

-Gordon Ramsay-

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