Our Spice Story

I only have one thing to say - you are going to love whatever spice, tea or shake you buy here. You know why? Because I stand by them! And because I am not claiming any benefits that each ingredient do not already have. I source these spices from conscious wholesalers. I blend them with love and I am worried about our health - yes yours and mine.

I am worried about Digestive health; Heart health; Cholesterol; Cancer; Diabetes. I am worried about it all. I challenge you right now! Get rid of the spices with ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Nothing on here has been approved by the FDA and I am not making any special claims. I am simply saying, you will see the ingredients and you will get behind them because research is already done and proven. I am no spice genius, just simply blending whole spices consciously and not sacrificing taste. They already have the benefits.
Our Spices, Teas and  Immune / Protein shake are filled with ingredients that have great health benefits. 
No MSG. No Sugar. Low to Zero Sodium. No Dairy. Gluten Free. Non-GMO.
Only one thing left to say - ENJOY!