Why Buy Our Products?



Our brand is here to stay.

You know why? Because our story is simple - create spices with whole ingredients and remove ingredients we CANNOT pronounce. I prefer to cook with fresh herbs and spices. However, not everyone knows how to blend spices or can afford to do it.

Raise your hand if you do not want food to be the death of you? These are trying times. How many underlying conditions are killing black and brown people who has the Covid-19 virus? This is because systematic institutions that bound us, also include cheap spices with cheap ingredients that are literally making us sick. So when a virus such as Covid-19 devastate our world, we are already prone to health conditions that limit our ability to fight it off. Our immune system is weak and our cholesterols are high and we have diabetes.

We truly are what we eat. So why not choose products that heal us instead of make us sick? When you buy a spice blend, you do not need to buy single ingredients. So you spend only one money for one spice. If you don't see a blend you like, ask us about our customized blends..
Be well.