The Nutmeg Project Journey

Did you know...

...Nutmegs have the ability to relieve pain, soothe indigestion, strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function, prevent leukemia and improve blood circulation?

This is why the Nutmeg Project exists. I am tired of pain. I wanted to create spices, tea and a shake that heal. I could have easily named this the healing project because we don't just mix with nutmegs. So many other spices are carefully added to increase the healing power inside our products. However, the nutmeg has some other weird meaning for me. I am Jamaican. Yes! Born and raised. The nutmeg is somewhat of a cultural significance. We love it for its powers and taste. My mom used to grate it from scratch. She added nutmeg to some savory foods and to all sweet foods. It is used in one of my favorite savory and famous Jamaican staple, which I will render nameless for trade secrets. (lol).

My mom made a lot of things from scratch. Some of it was out of necessity for cash flow reasons, but mostly, she loved to heal us. We had immaculate skin and once a month on a Sunday, she gave what we Jamaicans called a "wash out." Wash out is just our name for detoxification. She gave us Cerasee tea and I will never forget the dreaded green tea cup. I started to cry as soon as I saw that cup. It was my tea cup and it was nasty. No amounts of sugar could have cured the bitterness of the Cerasee tea, so she never bothered with the sugar. After hours of sipping on this nasty tea, came a steam. [It took me hours to drink because I was hoping I could drive my mom to impatience, but she was a patient woman]. My mom would throw us over her knees. Under her legs, she had an aluminum wash pan filled with hot water. She then covered us with towels for the dreadful steam. We hated it, but she was healing us.

Valeria Jeneva Brown is in heaven now. I still believe she is healing us.

When I do my regiments, I smile at how I am now loving something I dreaded as a child.

It is in her honor that Jeneva Anti-Inflammatory Spiced Tea was born. She can continue to heal millions with a tea that is blended with nutmegs and other spices that has many healing powers. 

Thanks mom!

Welcome to our healing..., I mean, our Nutmeg Project!